Since 2005 we create videos, photos and music for brands.

Our Services

smile creations


We have our own drones and can take aerial photos and/or videos. We always fly safe.

Smile Creations


Smile Creations is versatile when it comes to photography. We can take high quality photos in our own studio or on (your) location. We work international. We have multiple (female and male) photographers and multiple cameras and special lenses to match any situation. We always take extra photos and you can use them copyright free! We have got excellent project rates and you don’t have to pay “per click” or per photo.



we produce custom copyright free unique music for your brand.

We write, record and produce songs custom made for your brand, video, commercial or event. We can also distribute music on more than 200 digital portals worldwide like Deezer, Beatport, iTunes and Spotify.


We have several forms of social media management, temporarily or for a one year period or more.

We can offer a full service including content creation of photos and videos or just a simple management by rewriting your bio, optimising your text and hashtags. We can do either co-posts or complete posts daily, weekly or monthly. Contact us with your wishes so we can create a plan that works for you.



Smile Creations can build a website for your company, event or brand. We will build it as you wish. You can choose to maintain it yourself or we can do it for you. Our copywriters can write your text and our creative team can shoot the right photos and/or videos for your website. Everything is possible.

brand management


Brand management is very important. A major financial benefit is higher sales. After all: the stronger the brand, the more you sell. We can create, promote and distribute content especially to help manage your brand. Smile Creations is a one-stop-shopping brand management solution!

Why us?

We got the tools

We invested a lot in knowledge and equipment. We have our own video, photo and music production gear and high-end studios.

Certified Experience

Our team is educated and experienced. We always keep our knowledge up to date.

Competitive Pricing

We offer great quality and have a good pricing on a “project” base. We aim at a long term collaboration rather than a “one time job”. We always do complimentary things when we can and don’t charge extra for it. Don’t expect a cheap offer because we are professionals and no students ;-)


We can guarantee you that you will love our work!

20 Years Experience

Our team has more than 20 years of experience and we have grown with all the trends.

Great Support

We work 7 days per week during 11:00 till 23:30hr. Even in holiday periods or special days. We are a modern company.